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Here's a list of fanfics from my other livejournal and from here as well for the people who are too lazy to go look for it themselves. This list will be constantly updated with new fics that I write. :3

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Welcome to my Sanctum! (updated)
Previously know as aznxravah296
Important to know:

This journal is hella old and contains basically JeTi fics and maybe bits of Yoonyul
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I'm hardly on here; You would have better luck spamming my Tumblr inbox if you wanna contact me.

Peace Out

Imbroglio [1/3]

Title: Imbroglio
Pairings: JeTi, Taengsic
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU
Word Count: 2,685 words
Summary: There lies a claim in which in a universe, there resides two worlds that sit right next to each other, so much that their own mountains may touch. Both worlds have their own gravtiy, their own civilizations. The golden rule between their inter-world relationship is that the parallel citizens must never communicate. So how can love exist, when the two cannot not even meet?
A/N: Sorry, it starts off kind of slow.
Disclaimer: Inspired by the movie Upside Down

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[Drabbles] Under One Roof

Title: Under One Roof
Pairing: Jessica x Tiffany
Rating: Mostly G
Genre: domestic!au, Fluff, possibly crack
Word Count: drabble sized
Summary: Observations of the lives of Jessica and Tiffany under one roof.
A/N: Excuse the lameness and failness, I'm trying to recover from a writer's depression. (Drabbles don't necessarily correspond with each other, but if you want it to then it'll make somewhat sense regardless.)

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I know no one's going to see this, but I need to say this somewhere. I just got a tumblr, and I feel really lost, and omg I'm just so overwhelmed, and I need friends in this big giant world, but I'm trying to avoid people I know irl with tumblrs because I only got a tumblr to test the waters to see if I would like it and omg